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Steve Young has twenty years experience in all areas of  woodworking,
furniture making, cabinet making, with particular interest in wood carving
and artistic designs in wood.  He also deals in art glass, with emphasis on
carnival glass, hand made and produced by major manufacturers.


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American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk)

Blue Jay

Cardinal in Winter

This exquisite carving of the American Kestrel on a high perch with his prey, a brown snake, is truly gorgeous.  He is painted in natural colors, his wing span as pictured is 9", and he measures 10" from head to tail. Total height is 16" including perch.  Over 130 hours to create this one.

This life-sized Blue Jay, perched on a limb, has great color and detail. The base is 11-1/2" x 9", and the height, including limb, is 13".   Over 70 hours creative effort in this one. 

Beautifully carved and painted, detailed, life-sized cardinal perched on a
snow-covered limb.  Base is 10" round hardwood, and the piece measures 14"
from the base to the top of the limb.  Over 50 hours labor to create this

ITEM #301 $1,200.00

ITEM #302    $800.00

     ITEM #303     $500.00

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Green Teal Hen

Mallard Drake

Quail in Natural Setting

Green Teal Hen, life-sized, life-like colors, a beautiful, sensitive
portrayal--she is perfect for table or mantel. She is 4" high, 9" long and
4-1/2" wide.  Sixty-five hours produced this lovely piece.

This life-sized Mallard drake measures 17-1/2" long, 7" wide and 6-1/2" to
the top of his head. Beautiful color and detail in this carving make it a
great piece for the mantel or den. 100 hours labor on this one.

Three beautifully carved, full-size Quail surrounded by hand-carved leaves in fall colors. Base is 13" wide x 21" long and the height to the top of the limb is 9". Excellent detail and color. 120 hours of creative effort produced this masterpiece!

        ITEM #304        $500.00

       ITEM #305     $800.00

    ITEM #306   $1,200.00


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Not for Sale
Rose in Mesquite Vase

Wood Duck

Not for Sale
Queen Ann Style Mesquite End Table!

This rose in a mesquite vase is to show to show the different types of wood carving that we can do here at Artistic Expressions. From the bottom of the vase to the top of the rose measures 15" high. The rose measures 4 1/2" wide. The vase is made from a block of mesquite wood.

This colorful Wood Duck, rising out of the water in a natural setting of cattails on a pond, measures 8 7/8" tall with a wing span of 11 1/2". This carving is very detailed and has wonderful natural colors. This is a beautiful work of art.

This is a sample of furniture that we can make here at Artistic Expressions. This end table is made from "Texas" mesquite. This beautiful table has graceful hand carved ball and claw legs. We can make most any kind of furniture out of many types of wood.

# 307

# 308 - Price - $500.00
Plus S & H and Insurance

# 309


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Not For Sale
Display Case For Antique Bible.

Not For Sale
Southwestern Style Bowl.


This case was built to display an antique Bible that is 143 years old. The display case was designed to depict differnt time periods in the Gilleland family's life. All of the plaques are made from natural woods. No staining was done. Many different wood were used in this display box. This is to show some of the art work we can do at Artistic Expressions. Click on the small picture and see seven differnt close up pictures of the display box.

This is an example of our wood turning designs. This is a southwestern style bowl made from many different types of wood. This bowl has mahogany, pecan, walnut, mulberry, oak, mesquite, ash and who knows what else I put in this bowl. Again these are all natural woods. There is no stained wood in this bowl.


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