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Wood Carving Gallery

Welcome to Steve Young's wood carving gallery. I have been wood carving for ten years. I specialize in all types of bird carvings. I have carved birds of prey, game birds and song birds. I also make custom made furniture, display cases and much more! Currently I have five carvings in the National Museum of Wood Carving. Below are a small sampling of wood carvings that I have done. Custom orders are welcome. Let us design something for you. To see more of what we do or for more information go to our main web site at: Artistic Expressions

Click on small pictures to see lager view.

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American Kestrel


Mallard Drake



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Gilleland Family Bible Display Case

This is a display case that was made for the Gilleland Family Bible that is 140 years old. This display case was made to protect the Bible and to tell some of the Texas historical facts of the Gilleland family. The main body of the box is made from fiddleback walnut. The inside panels are made from mesquite. Each plaque has a birch background with many different woods used for each illustration of the different time periods during the Gilleland family history. All of these woods are natural color with no stain and only a clear protective finish. For a close up view of all plaques click on the first display case picture.



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Mesquite End Table

Southwestern Style bowl